See, Know, and Do More

See everything with intuitive 3D interactive maps and dashboards, and miss nothing with features like deep-dive analytics and real-time alerting.

Get instant answers to your most critical questions

What do I have?

SEE MORE of your infrastructure with intuitive visuals that help you quickly identify all your environment assets.

What's connected to what?

KNOW MORE with visuals that show how assets are connected, immediately helping you understand how they impact each other.

Am I healthy?

DO MORE by spotting and remediating critical infrastructure issues with device health overlays, all in a single view.

The Observatory

See what you were never able to see before with the Galileo Observatory! Our interactive 3D engine automatically visualizes asset relationships, analyzes device health, and displays it in a single view so you can quickly remediate issues and get on with your day.

  • Interactive 3D visualizations
  • Automatic discovery and correlation of monitored assets
  • Comprehensive insights and analytics

Galileo Explorer

See every asset within your entire environment and make informed, strategic decisions with detailed information for performance, capacity, and configuration with Galileo Explorer.

  • High-resolution, interactive charts
  • Granular data points with no data rollup or summarization
  • Pre-configured dashboards for immediate visibility

Enterprise Dashboards

Using Galileo Enterprise Dashboards, see a summary of infrastructure and make better decisions with detailed, real-time information on storage, server, database, SAN and cloud assets across your entire enterprise.

  • Summarized data for your entire data center
  • Detailed configuration data for all your devices

Advanced Analytics

By collaborating with customers, Galileo’s Analytics engine was built to comprehensively analyze the health of your monitored assets in a single pane of glass and will help you to proactively find issues and spot trends.

  • Built by technology experts
  • Quickly find problems across your entire infrastructure
  • Customizable thresholds and rules

Cloud Compass

Quickly and accurately estimate your ideal footprint in the Cloud and ensure you always know the costs to migrate and optimize your Cloud infrastructure with Galileo Cloud Compass.

  • Eliminate the guesswork of the cost to move to the Cloud
  • Intelligently size your Cloud environment
  • Optimize your workloads for cost savings

Tag Manager

Galileo’s Tag Manager allows you to create logical groups by assigning custom, user-defined tags to any monitored asset to view configuration, performance, and capacity at a higher level.

  • Create logical groupings of multiple assets
  • View your tags in Observatory, Explorer, or Analytics

Active Monitoring

Galileo Active Monitor gives you the critical insights you need, powered by an industry-leading alerting engine and hardened for the enterprise.

  • Real-time alerting and notifications
  • White-glove boarding and implementation
  • Powered by Zabbix and hardened for the enterprise

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