AIX® Performance Monitoring

The industry’s most powerful monitoring, optimization, and strategic management solution for modern and legacy AIX environments, living on‑prem or in the cloud.
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Designed for AIX Systems

Finding tools to monitor IBM® AIX environments is challenging. That’s why we designed Galileo.
Meticulously crafted for AIX systems in 2007, Galileo is the only platform that delivers a clear line of sight into the physical and virtual layers of AIX and beyond.

rPerf Ratings & Usage

Eliminate manual calculations.
Galileo does the work for you by applying IBM’s published Relative Performance (rPerf) ratings to your performance data.

PID Tracing

Detect anomalies, prevent issues.
Galileo tracks and stores unique PID details across every AIX instance in perpetuity to identify resources consumed by specific PIDs, and anomalies.

3D Observation

See the complete picture.
Galileo’s dynamic asset correlation allows you to navigate from an individual AIX LPAR to the Storage and SAN (or vice versa) to quickly identify the source of any issues and what is impacted.

Unrivaled AIX performance monitoring

Thoughtfully created by IBM Power® Systems experts, Galileo provides the most sophisticated AIX performance monitoring in the market today. We help enterprise IT teams cut costs, answer critical infrastructure questions, and optimize the stack without exhausting internal resources.
See for yourself.

Use live IBM rPerf data to analyze and trend system performance.







Comprehensive AIX performance metrics

We don’t just “check the box” when it comes to AIX – we capture it all! Check out Galileo’s robust collection of AIX-specific metrics and imagine what you could do with this intelligence – all in one place.
CPU Charts
  • CPU Logical Utilization
  • CPU Virtual/Core Utilization
  • CPU Entitlement Utilization
  • Run Queue/Processor Queue Length
  • Physical CPU Consumed
  • Individual rPerf Consumed
Process Charts
  • Process Context Switching / System Calls
  • Process Forks / EXECs
  • Total CPU % Busy by Process
  • CPU Utilization by Process
  • Resident Memory by Process
  • Virtual Memory by Process
  • Thread Count by Process
HMC and LPAR Charts
  • CPU Consumed vs. Entitlement
  • Entitlement
  • Shared Pool Utilization
  • LPAR Weight
  • HMC Energy Statistics
  • HMC Unallocated Adapter Slots/Memory/CPU
  • HMC Unmonitored LPARs
  • HMC and Physical Server Enterprise Configuration Info
Memory and Paging Charts
  • Real Memory
  • Virtual Memory/Paging Space
  • Memory Use %
  • VMM Parmeters
  • Large Page Memory Size
  • Large Page Memory Pages
  • System Paging
  • Filesystem Paging
  • Memory Scan/Free Ratio
Adapter Charts
  • SEA Network Throughput Summary
  • SEA Network Receive/Send Throughput
  • SEA Network Packet Summary
  • SEA Network Receive/Send Packets
  • I/O Adapter Read/Write/Total Throughput
  • I/O Adapter Total Transfers
  • FC Adapter Read/Write/Total Throughput
  • FC Adapter Read/Write/Total Transfers
  • FC Adapter Errors
NFS Charts
  • Server v2/v3/v4 Statistics
  • Server v2/v3/v4 Statistics %
  • Client v2/v3/v4 Statistics
  • Client v2/v3/v4 Statistics %
  • Server Connection-Oriented RPC Statistics
  • Server Connectionless RPC Statistics
  • Client Connection-Oriented RPC Statistics
  • Client Connectionless RPC Statistics
Filesystem Charts
  • Host Filesystem Size
  • Host Filesystem Usage
  • Host Filesystem % Used
  • Host Filesystem Free
  • Host Filesystem Inode Usage
  • Host Filesystem Inode % Used
Network Charts
  • Network Throughput Summary
  • Network Receive/Send Throughput
  • Network Packets Summary
  • Network Receive/Send Packets
  • Network I/O Errors
GPFS Charts
  • GPFS Node Throughput
  • GPFS Node Read and Write Operations
  • GPFS Node Open and Close Operations
  • GPFS Node Waiters
  • GPFS Node Open Files
  • GPFS Filesystem Throughput
  • GPFS Filesystem Read and Write Operations
  • GPFS Filesystem Open and Close Operations
Disk and Tape Charts
  • Disk Read/Write Throughput
  • Disk Read/Write/Total Transfers
  • Disk Read/Write/Total Transfer Sizes
  • Disk Read/Write/Total Service Times
  • Disk Average Wait Time
  • Disk Average Wait Queue Depth
  • Disk Average Service Queue Depth
  • Disk Service Queue Full
  • Tape Read/Write Throughput
  • Tape Read/Write Throughput Summary
Configuration Data
  • OS Level
  • Model
  • Serial #
  • Processor Type
  • Processor Speed
  • Partition Type
  • Partition Mode
  • CPU Pool
  • Virtual CPUs
  • Memory
  • Uptime
  • Network Gateway
  • Active VGs
  • Active LVs
  • Disks
  • Filesystems
  • Fiber Adapters
  • Tape Drives
  • I/O Tunable Parameters
  • VMM Tunable Parameters
  • Network Interfaces
  • Kernel Version
  • Entitlement/Weight
  • Entitlement Min/Max/Desired
  • vCPU Min/Max/Desired
  • Memory Min/Max/Desired

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Secure and compliant AIX monitoring

Galileo takes the security and privacy of your data seriously and implements the appropriate security measures and controls for your peace of mind.
Galileo Cloud or On Premises

Flexible delivery options

Galileo is primarily delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) format. For those with heightened security and compliance demands, we also provide an on-premise appliance option.
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Our SOC2 Type 2 compliance gives you peace of mind that your sensitive information is being handled in a secure and responsible manner, meeting the highest industry standards.
Galileo Governance

Compliance Essentials

Governance isn’t just another checkbox. Whether it’s PCI‑DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, or any other regulatory framework, our team is here to help you navigate the complex landscape of compliance and security.

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Our team is highly skilled in current and legacy IBM Power platforms, solving what most providers can’t – or won’t.  We help enterprise IT teams see what is relevant, anticipate and adapt to system changes, increase speed to resolution, and reduce operational costs.  See what our clients have to say…
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