Galileo Active Monitoring

Real time alerting has come of age with easy setup of one of your most critical monitoring components. Galileo offers Cloud-enabled Monitoring as a Service powered by Zabbix.

Galileo Active Monitor screenshot

Certified Zabbix services and support

Single Pane of Glass

Get all of the basics you need for everything in your infrastructure using a single portal, including the advanced intelligence from Galileo Performance Explorer.

Zabbix Certified

As a Zabbix Certified Partner, you can count on us for an enterpise-ready deployment from our team of subject matter experts.

Effortless Deployment

Your Galileo Technical Advocate will ensure that your deployment is up-and-running quickly, providing the fastest time-to-value of any competing product.

Galileo Suite Integration

Centralize your view

SEE MORE with all of your visuals in one portal. Leverage customized dashboards that combine the best of active alerting powered by Zabbix, along side the powerful visuals found in Galileo’s Performance Explorer.

Personalized Training and Support

Amp up your knowledge

KNOW MORE with product training, personalized to your needs that will make you an expert with your deployment, and experience the superior support of a Galileo Technical Advocate.

Quick Setup, Faster Results

Minimize your setup time

DO MORE with a super fast implementation that will have you monitoring and alerting on your infrastructure issues on day-one of your deployment.

Galileo Active Monitor (GAM)
vs. Standard Zabbix

Problem Detection
Notification and Remediation
Secure Authentication
Distributed Monitoring
API Integration
White-Glove Implementation
SME-Customized Agents and Templates
Personalized Training and Support
Galileo Suite Integration
Application and Database Maintenance
Optional Managed Services
Zero-Downtime Application Server Maintenance
Zero-Downtime Database and Storage Maintenance
High Availability and Backup
Standard Zabbix
GAM On-Prem
GAM Cloud

Infrastructure Performance Monitoring was broken.

(Pssst… We fixed it!)

We’ve been in your shoes. As an IT services company, we know how traditional monitoring tools don’t measure up. They’re overly complex and ultimately fail to give us what we need from them.

We built Galileo so that you can quickly and easily solve complex IT issues. It consolidates tools and brings teams together.

Consider it fixed!

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