Galileo Performance Explorer

Experience the ultimate enterprise-level monitoring solution with interactive 3D visualizations, high resolution charts, and smart analytics that help you to quickly navigate your environment and analyze its health.

Galileo Observatory screenshot

Get instant answers to your most critical questions

What do I have?

SEE MORE of your infrastructure with intuitive visuals that help you quickly identify all your environment assets.

What's connected to what?

KNOW MORE with visuals that show how assets are connected, immediately helping you understand how they impact each other.

Am I healthy?

DO MORE by spotting and remediating critical infrastructure issues with device health overlays, all in a single view.

Galileo Observatory

Observe in 3D

With the Galileo Observatory, you’ll be able to see more than ever before with instant information about your environment. Built on a popular gaming engine, you can nagivate your infrastructure in 3D and quickly indentify what you have, how it’s connected, and the health of your devices.

Explorer and Enterprise Dashboards

Explore your data

Galileo’s visual intelligence takes your knowledge to the next level with detailed interactive charts for all of your monitored assests. And enterprise views summarize your entire environment in an easy-to understand dashboard.

Cloud Compass and Analytics

Make smarter decisions

Advanced analytics help you do more by pinpointing exactly where to look for infrastructure issues. And Galileo’s Cloud Compass will quickly give you the information you need to price and optimize for Cloud.

Infrastructure Performance Monitoring was broken.

(Pssst… We fixed it!)

We’ve been in your shoes. As an IT services company, we know how traditional monitoring tools don’t measure up. They’re overly complex and ultimately fail to give us what we need from them.

We built Galileo so that you can quickly and easily solve complex IT issues. It consolidates tools and brings teams together.

Consider it fixed!

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