Find Out What’s New with Galileo at IBM Edge

Heather Eisenmann

At Galileo, we are excited to share our new offerings at IBM Edge. They will make you think differently about how you manage your IT infrastructure to deliver the best possible user experience. We have taken Galileo to a new level with our Enterprise Dashboard, Tag Manager and the introduction of Brocade and Cisco SAN agents. Find out what that means to you.

5 Steps to IT Asset Management and Achieving Sizable Savings

Chris Churchey
Five Steps to IT Asset Management and Achieving Sizable Savings

Are you planning your 2017 IT budget?

With today’s complex IT environments, budgeting for IT asset management is a challenging task. So here is a simple step-by-step methodology to make planning easier and more successful.

It includes looking at past trends and projecting them into the future, managing your maintenance budget, finding room in your squeezed-too-tight data center for new applications, and slashing your painfully high software expenses. Find out how to do all this more easily and achieve high performance and savings. Read more »

6 Things to Look for in Storage and Server Performance Monitoring Tools

Chris Churchey
6 Things to Look for in Storage and Server Performance Monitoring Tools

Your IT infrastructure is your organization’s central nervous system. It exists to help employees be as productive as possible and to deliver optimal service to customers. So you cannot afford a glitch that causes a slowdown or outages. As employees lay idle and customer dissatisfaction mounts, it could throw you into a race against the clock to find and fix the problem.

There are ways to avoid such breakdowns. The right server and storage monitoring and management tools can act as a crystal ball into the future, forewarning you of issues before they erupt. A dizzying array of storage and server monitoring options, however, makes it challenging to sort through them to find those that can help ensure your IT infrastructure’s performance.
This article provides some guiding principles that may help you with your selection. Read more »

6 Signs Your Homegrown Server and Storage Monitoring Scripts Are Not Working

Tim Conley

Every once in a while, it’s worth pausing to evaluate the monitoring scripts you’ve created. Are they doing the job? Or are they costing you more than you anticipated? The real costs escalate when solutions fail to prevent business disruptions or help you solve problems rapidly, demand excessive time for management, have a steep (or impossible) learning curve for those who did not create them, and consume storage space like a houseful of hoarders. This article takes a look at each of these issues and discusses alternative solutions. Read more »

How to Improve Your Forecasts for Servers and Storage

Chris Churchey

An IT leader had to forecast a business’s infrastructure needs for the following year. He said to himself, “The business managers tell me that sales growth will be about 20% next year. Therefore, IT infrastructure will need to grow by the same amount.” It’s an easy approach, and there is some degree of logic to it. There is, however, a problem…it’s likely to be wrong.

There is often not a one-on-one relationship between IT infrastructure needs and sales or employee growth. If the IT environment does not need to grow as fast as sales, the company will overinvest in servers, storage and more, unnecessarily squandering hard earned profits. Read this article to find a better approach to forecasting that maximizes performance and return on technology investments. Read more »