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New Storage Performance Features: June 2013

Configuration, Capacity, and
Performance on One Screen

Galileo Performance Explorer delivers newly enhanced user functionality in the most recently introduced performance monitoring agent for IBM® DS3/4/5K storage systems. On-line help screens aid in streamlining the new capabilities into your storage system management routines.

  • Gain more in-depth understanding of storage performance. The latest Galileo agent for DS3/4/5K hardware provides 31 charts addressing 36 different performance metrics for Subsystems, Controllers, Arrays, and Logical Drives—including IOPS and Data Rates.
  • Simplify configuration decisions. Access to profiles of storage system configuration—including hardware attributes, firmware/software revisions, disk configurations, array layout and sizes, and more—are available on the same screen as performance monitoring data. This makes it easier to fine-tune optimum system use.
  • Make capacity planning more convenient. Concise high-level views of total storage capacity, used capacity, and available capacity—also available on the same screens as performance monitoring data—make it easy to assess overall capacity allocations and react to Galileo monitoring data quickly.
  • Portray exceptional situations more clearly. Pinpoint control over y-axis scaling enables you to override the standard chart auto-scaling feature. This is a particularly valuable feature for eliminating visual skewing in cases where a single inaccurate data point or "edge case" would otherwise compress the entire chart to accommodate the extreme value.

If you are an IBM DS3/4/5K storage system user interested in seeing more of the performance monitoring detail accessible to you, register today for the ATS FREE 30-Day Trial program. Doing so will enable you to explore all of Galileo’s latest features through your own browser window, using your own system data.

Single-Screen Visibility!

IBM® DS3/4/5K users can now format screens in their Galileo portal to include storage system configuration and capacity information along with graphic plots of performance monitoring, for more comprehensive perspective at a glance.

Tim Conley, ATS Group

Presenting: Tim Conley, Galileo Co-Founder & Former IBM Systems Architect and Engineer

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Galileo Performance Explorer™ improves IT utilization and capacity planning with convenient cloud-based performance monitoring. Galileo delivers hundreds of analytical perspectives on storage hardware and virtualization environments for key decision makers. These deeper insights go far beyond reactive alarms to support optimal performance of physical and virtual storage, supporting IBM® SVC, Storwize® V7000 and V7000 Unified, XIV®, DS3/4/5K and SONAS storage systems. Built on an innovative SaaS architecture, Galileo installs in minutes, without onsite data or expensive hardware requirements. Automatic collection of real-time data, with quick, easy, graphical reporting via an intuitive web interface, offers access to custom dashboards with full drilldown into data details, anywhere, anytime. Galileo empowers users from IT administrators to C-level management at mid-size to Fortune 100 companies, including leaders in security-sensitive industries.

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