Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Keep Ahead. Stay Agile. Remain Flexible.

Capacity planning is important to IT infrastructure. For enterprise businesses, the need is even more vital. Competitive companies embrace emerging technologies and scale-up when needs require. Now, Galileo Performance Explorer® provides the solution for all capacity planning decisions.

Monitors and alerts show how a data center reacts to circumstances—guiding future upgrades. Used to full potential, Galileo is more than a monitoring solution. It guides business IT into the future.

Act Quickly… and Think Long Term

With Galileo, the insight you gain into data-center performance provides the detail you need to make both short-term and long-term capacity-planning decisions.

You Can Predict… Instead of React

Predictive alerting helps administrators see how their data center reacts to hypothetical circumstances in the future—and plan for any future upgrades accordingly.

Know Where to Expand… Ahead of Time

If certain areas within a data center trigger recurring alerts, an administrator can use this to determine precisely where they will need to expand capacity in the future.

See the Future… and Prepare for It

With all of these tools and capabilities together in one location, Galileo Performance Explorer can help guide you better-manage your business IT in the future.