Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations

Powerful Data You Need to Make the Best Cloud-Based Decisions

Galileo Performance Explorer® provides outstanding support for cloud initiatives common in today’s business world with software that delivers unprecedented data output to help you manage your cloud provider more efficiently.

Whether you store 100% of your data in the cloud or you are a hybrid cloud environment—Galileo’s predictive analytics; near-real-time monitoring of performance, capacity, and configuration; and intuitive alerting functions provide both peace-of-mind and a platform that helps you proactively troubleshoot potential or building problems.

Every day, companies looking to migrate data, consolidate servers, or perform system upgrades rely on Galileo.

Cloud & Data Center Migration

Testing: Use Galileo as a powerful platform for predictive analysis before data migration.

Secondary Data Center: Galileo’s monitoring and alerting functions can apprise IT administrators of potential problems during data migration—both on primary facilities and on secondary data centers performing business operations.

Ensuring Performance: Avoid operational inefficiencies during the entire data migration and maintain a watchful eye on performance with Galileo’s extensive alerting capabilities.

Data to Leverage with Your Cloud Provider

Collect information to “size” CPU, memory, network, storage performance, and capacity: Give cloud providers accurate, fact-based resource requirements for costing and proposals.

Validate SLAs and verify your cloud provider’s value: Use Galileo to ensure you are getting the promised CPU, memory, and response times.

Virtual Grouping: Put your existing customer workloads together for “what-if” scenarios to determine what to move to the cloud first. Then, size and relate that cost to your cloud provider.

Smarter Server Consolidation

Access data and analytics both to develop a server consolidation strategy and to identify any issues during the entire consolidation process.

Smoother System Upgrades

Quickly pinpoint adverse affects or IT interruptions during system upgrades. Monitor live data migrated to a third party during a system upgrade. Monitor the upgrade itself from the original primary system.