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How much it will cost to move to the Cloud? Get instant, accurate answers with Galileo Cloud Compass.

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Simple and Effortless Cloud Sizing

Galileo collects key metrics from your infrastructure (including Windows, Linux, and AIX) to provide right-sized Cloud costing information in real-time.

Using more than raw CPU, Cloud Compass unlocks the power of existing Galileo data to provide estimates on monthly Cloud spend, including right-sizing your environment to use only what you need.

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Make Smart Cloud Decisions in Minutes

Our powerful SME-backed data improves the ease, speed, and accuracy of determining Cloud right-sizing.



Intelligently size your new cloud environment based on peak workloads from your existing architecture.

cost optimize


Discover your monthly cloud spend with the most up-to-date pricing models from the leading Cloud providers.



Get to the Cloud faster by eliminating the guesswork and delays typically associated with migrations.

Yes, even AIX!

Cloud Compass collects comprehensive AIX metrics to estimate a move to a POWER Cloud provider or a re-platformed cost on Linux.

Save 25% or more on your monthly cloud spend
with Galileo Cloud Compass.

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