Galileo Supports Dell EMC VNX – Block and Unity

Galileo Supports Dell EMC VNX – Block and Unity

Galileo Performance Explorer, the industry’s leading integrated IT Performance Management (IPM) suite created by The ATS Group, recently released two new agents to support insights in Dell EMC storage environments. Now, users of Dell EMC VNX Series Hybrid Flash Storage and Unity All-Flash Storage can glean critical insights about the condition and performance of their essential storage platforms.

Galileo’s VNX – Block and Unity agents represent the second and third Dell EMC releases for the IPM suite. Galileo announced support for Dell EMC VNX – Block Storage earlier this fall, and users will also be able to leverage Galileo within XtremIO environments when that agent is released during the fourth quarter.

Galileo Performance Explorer enables users to easily access intelligently summarized IT data from dynamic dashboards, providing IT administrators and stakeholders with the information they need to make the best use of their available resources while supporting the most optimal user experience. With the release of new agents for VNX – Block and Unity storage environments, users can take a deep dive into analytics pertaining to the performance, capacity and overall state of their Dell EMC solutions.

Galileo also provides predictive analytical graphs, which help pinpoint critical system problems, including those with the potential to cause bottlenecks, slowdowns and outages. In this way, pressing performance issues within VNX Hybrid Storage and Unity All-Flash Storage environments can be identified and addressed before they impact availability and usability.

Galileo’s uniquely innovative dashboards can also be customized according to the specific environment details users need. This quick-glance availability coupled with the ability to set custom parameters for monitoring notifications and performance alerts enables IT admins to have the most visibility and control over their storage systems.

“Enterprises rely on their Dell EMC storage solutions and must ensure that they can access the insights they need in an easily digestible and valuable way,” said Tim Conley, President and Co-Founder of Galileo Performance Explorer and The ATS Group. “Galileo’s advanced IT performance management suite provides the ideal solution, and with data relating to each storage environment’s cache, volume, storage pool, replication group and more, IT stakeholders can make the best decisions regarding their critical infrastructure.” 

Supporting the ability to take a proactive stance against performance issues, Galileo comprehensively monitors every component of Dell EMC VNX and Unity arrays, offering essential data on volumes, operational status, physical disk and SSDs, FC ports and more. This deep analysis combined with automatic alert capabilities means IT admins will always be able to keep their Dell EMC storage environments in top working order.

In addition to leading Dell EMC storage environments, Galileo Performance Explorer provides deep insights about servers, database, SAN and cloud platforms as well, supporting the most complete picture of infrastructure health.

“Galileo has partnered with industry experts and customers to establish an all-encompassing IT Performance Management suite, and our release of the Dell EMC VNX Hybrid Flash Storage and Unity All-Flash Storage agents is a continuation of our commitment to bring the most comprehensive and valuable IT environment insights possible,” Conley said.

To find out more about Galileo Performance Explorer, the new Dell EMC VNX – Block and Unity monitoring tools and other available technology agents, contact us for a free 30-day trial today.

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