Galileo Galilei: Our Namesake's Spirit of Discovery

Galileo Galilei: Our Namesake's Spirit of Discovery

Here at Galileo, we’re all about discovery. Our innovative infrastructure performance management solution allows users to support discoveries of their own, and make valuable, data-driven decisions about their infrastructure systems and environments.

Keeping with this spirit, and in celebration of his coming birthday on February 15, we wanted to take a closer look at our namesake: Galileo Galilei, a man considered by many the father of modern science.

Galileo Galilei: Paving the way for discovery

Chances are good that you’ve heard his name before – and not just in the lyrics of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody“.

Galileo Galilei lived from 1564 until 1642, and in that time, he made numerous strides within the fields of science, physics, astronomy, mathematics and more. He is credited as “father of the scientific method,” with Galilei combining experimentation with mathematics and inductive reasoning to test his scientific theories. In a time when faith, tradition and superstition were thought of as the sole answers to man’s existential questions, Galilei posited that the laws of nature were mathematical. 

One of the advancements that Galilei is most well known for was his innovative telescope that allowed him to see further than anyone had before. This led him to discover and observe the moons of Jupiter, now known as the four Galilean moons, as well as Saturn’s rings and the phases of Venus.

Galilei was well ahead of his time, and was known for his nontraditional thinking and innovative approaches. Ultimately, his assertion that all insight stems from carefully collected, rigorously tested data remains a cornerstone of all scientific progress.

Bringing the power of discovery to your IT team

Today, we still revere Galilei for his numerous contributions and disruptions to astronomy, biology, philosophy and beyond. And here at Galileo, we hope to bring this same spirit of discovery and innovation to your internal IT team.

Just as Galilei used his improved telescope to make his groundbreaking discovery of Jupiter’s moons, so too can your internal IT stakeholders glean the best view of your systems with our monitoring solution. See farther and more in-depth than you ever have before, and bring transparency and proactive infrastructure management to the table with Galileo’s detailed, yet user-friendly dashboards.

To find out more about how we’re continually inspired by our namesake and work to bring the power of innovation and discovery to your IT team, reach out to us for a free demo of our advanced Galileo Performance Explorer solution today.

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