Galileo Performance Explorer adds Cisco networking monitoring capabilities: A holistic view of critical infrastructure

Galileo Performance Explorer adds Cisco networking monitoring capabilities: A holistic view of critical infrastructure

Individually, advanced technologies including the cloud, storage and SAN solutions can support a variety of benefits for today’s enterprises. However, these solutions and platforms can also add complexity to businesses’ critical infrastructure.

In this type of environment, visibility is key, and IT leaders and stakeholders must have a way to get an in-depth view of their entire infrastructure, as well as performance and capacity thereof. This includes all of the storage, database, cloud, server and SAN systems included in their infrastructure.

This is where Galileo Performance Explorer comes in, providing performance and capacity information to quickly identify any performance issues, and work proactively to prevent downtime, slowdowns and outages.

Now, we’re expanding the capabilities of our key infrastructure performance monitoring (IPM) solution by adding another new technology agent. This will allow Galileo users to not only view cloud, storage, database, server and SAN environment metrics, but to also monitor their Cisco networking systems.

Adding Cisco Networking to Galileo’s technology agent portfolio

Since Galileo Performance Explorer was established by our parent company, The ATS Group, in 2001, we’ve worked to ensure that our users can get the most comprehensive and holistic view of their most critical infrastructure components possible. Under this mission, we’ve continually added new technology agents to ensure that Galileo users can leverage our IPM suite to their advantage.

In early December 2018, users will be able to access a new Cisco networking monitoring agent, representing the first networking agent supported by Galileo. Overall, this adds a new layer to the types of technologies that Galileo Performance Explorer can support, ensuring that businesses can see performance and other metrics related to their networking solutions, which often represent the lifeblood of enterprise infrastructure.

With access to this new Cisco networking monitoring technology agent, users can get an in-depth look at their Cisco-specific networking systems’ performance and capacity. In addition to these networking-focused insights, the new Cisco technology agent will also help stakeholders include their networking solutions in their considerations for key initiatives like:

  • AI Infrastructure Planning
  • Cloud and data center migration
  • Infrastructure Health Assessments
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Performance Optimization
  • Server Consolidation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Check out our solutions page to learn more about how a robust IPM solution supports these initiatives. 

Supporting a holistic view of corporate infrastructure

Galileo Performance Explorer is proud to support Cisco, one of the largest and leading providers of networking solutions. The ability to monitor the performance and capacity of Cisco networking solutions, and include these considerations against a comprehensive view of the entire infrastructure and all of its components, can enable a number of key benefits for enterprise IT teams and users. Should any performance or capacity issue begin to emerge, Galileo Performance Explorer can send a notification to the IT team based on their own customized performance and capacity parameters. In this way, admins can work proactively to prevent any issues before they impact end-user activity.

With the addition of the new Cisco networking monitoring technology agent, Galileo Performance Explorer provides the most holistic and comprehensive view of critical infrastructure possible. Here’s a look at the other technology platforms Galileo supports. As you can see, we have other new technology agents in the works, and we’ll continue to work to provide the most complete IPM solution available today:

Networking Agents:

  • Available December 2018: Cisco

Server Agents:

  • IBM AIX, IBM i, IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • VMware
  • Windows
  • Coming soon: Ceph, IBM Power HMC, KVM and Nutanix

Storage Agents:

  • DDN
  • Dell EMC VMAX, DELL EMC VNX – Block, Dell EMC Unity, DELL EMC Data Domain
  • Hitachi Capacity
  • IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM DS3000, IBM DS4000, IBM DS5000, IBM DS8000, IBM FlashSystem, IBM SONAS, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM V7000 Unified, IBM XIV
  • Infinidat Infinibox
  • NetApp, NetApp ONTAP 9
  • Pure Storage
  • Coming soon: Dell EMC XtremIO, Dell EMC Isilon, Hitachi Performance, HPE 3PAR

Database Agents:

  • Oracle
  • Coming soon: Microsoft SQL

SAN Agents:

  • Brocade
  • Cisco

Cloud Agents:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Coming soon: Cloud APIs

To find out more, connect with us today to schedule a demo, or begin a free 30-day trial.

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