Galileo Performance Explorer Supports Insights for Dell EMC VMAX Storage

Galileo Performance Explorer Supports Insights for Dell EMC VMAX Storage

Industry-leading integrated IT Performance Management (IPM) suite Galileo Performance Explorer, created by The ATS Group, announced a new technology agent to support Dell EMC VMAX Storage, one the most-used enterprise storage solutions available. VMAX is the first of the Dell EMC storage agents that Galileo plans to release in 2017; VNX – Block, Unity, XtremIO and Isilon will release in the fourth quarter.

With the new Dell EMC VMAX Storage agent in place, Galileo Performance Explorer users can now quickly and easily identify issues within their Dell EMC VMAX storage arrays in a way that supports a proactive response. Galileo’s leading IPM suite capabilities allow administrators to access critical data including performance alerts, management and full-scope monitoring for every type of Dell EMC VMAX storage array. In this way, admins have the essential insights they need to avoid critical problems like downtime, configuration issues and performance complications.

“Users can now customize their Galileo dashboard and access robust configuration information related to their Dell EMC VMAX storage arrays, supported by tailored parameters that match their unique needs,” explained Tim Conley, Principal and Co-Founder of Galileo and The ATS Group.

Galileo’s customizable dashboard provides options to view data according to each specific storage array environment, its cache, volume, storage pools or replication groups. The resulting charts can then be categorized in ways that provide the most value to business leaders and IT decision-makers.

The addition of this new agent enables users to view storage performance by observing array resources to confirm proper load balancing. Comprehensively monitor Dell EMC VMAX arrays by drilling deeper into every component. Get visibility into cache, volumes, physical disk/SSD’s, operational array status, Replication Groups, FC ports on switches and arrays, port errors and more. IT admins can address all these issues before they impact the performance of critical applications.

Galileo’s Dell EMC VMAX Storage technology agent supports deep analytics, and can alert IT admins to potential storage array issues ahead of them becoming large-scale problems hampering application access, performance and overall productivity.

“Our experts have collaborated with customers and colleagues to bring you the most advanced IT Performance Management suite,” Conley said. “The addition of Dell EMC VMAX Storage to Galileo’s available technology suites provides powerful capabilities for IT and enterprise leaders. Our Predictive Analytics Dashboards comprehensively monitor IT health, including operating systems, storage arrays and everything in between to provide the most comprehensive and complete insights.”

To find out more about Galileo Performance Explorer, the new Dell EMC VMAX Storage monitoring tools and other available technology agents, contact us for a demo or request a free 30-day trial today.

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