Galileo Releases New Agent Supporting NetApp ONTAP 9 Performance Monitoring

Galileo Releases New Agent Supporting NetApp ONTAP 9 Performance Monitoring

Galileo Performance Explorer, a cloud-based Infrastructure performance management (IPM) suite created by The ATS Group, released a new technology agent in January 2018 for NetApp ONTAP 9. Galileo’s newest agent offers vital configuration and capacity insights for the performance of your NetApp arrays.

NetApp ONTAP’s scale-out approach enables organizations to address data growth while preserving existing infrastructure investments and simplifying administration. NetApp ONTAP technology provides the basis for large virtualized shared storage infrastructures that are scalable and architected for operational efficiency. ONTAP monitoring is a valuable addition to the Galileo Suite providing their customers the ability to view insights into each one of their unique infrastructure assets including storage, servers, database and SAN.

Storage performance plays a critical role in the end user experience. When monitoring storage elements, organizations need to understand their environment from a comprehensive standpoint with corresponding analytics. The Galileo solution offers infinite insights into storage environments including NAS and SAN and can save you significant money in operation monitoring and by identifying trends, peak periods of activity and overall performance metrics to pinpoint potentially overloaded resources or underutilized investments.

With Galileo, organizations will know where problems lie, how to best utilize resources and what future hardware purchases are justified. Galileo pulls all data sources into insightful, dynamic dashboards that lead to strategic insights and decisions in just a few clicks. Built on a SaaS architecture, Galileo’s NetApp ONTAP agent installs in minutes without onsite data or hardware requirements. Planning for a migration or consolidation or looking to implement AI or machine learning in 2018? Galileo’s trending capabilities and detailed predictive insights can provide the roadmap for a successful project.

Get faster, smarter infrastructure management with storage solutions from Galileo. Galileo’s monitoring tools eliminate the time, cost, and complexity of onsite enterprise-class monitoring tools. Capture and analyze storage requirements in deep detail, so pinpointing overloaded or underutilized resources is quick and easy. Decision makers can identify demand, peak activity, and performance across all storage assets including DDN, Dell EMC VNX – Block, VMAX and Unity, IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, DS8000, FlashSystem, SONAS, Spectrum Virtualize, V7000 Unified and XIV, Infinidat Infinibox and NetApp.

To find out more about Galileo Performance Explorer and the new NetApp ONTAP 9 monitoring toops, contact us for a demo or request a free 30-day trial with complimentary health assessment.

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