Galileo Streamlines Pharmaceutical Merger

Galileo Streamlines Pharmaceutical Merger

The Challenge: When two organizations combine under a merger or acquisition, there are numerous infrastructure considerations and accommodations that must be made, even if the firms utilize similar IT solutions. Decision-makers must ensure that the new business has the necessary resources to support itself, and that any overlapping systems are reconciled. However, this is only possible with the right comprehensive oversight of both companies' IT infrastructure systems.

A pharmaceutical firm and existing Galileo customer recently turned to the IT performance management suite to assist in its acquisition of another pharmaceutical company. Both organizations utilized VMware solutions, and Galileo's client needed a way to incorporate its new workloads into its existing data center. Before this process could take place, though, decision-makers required a solution that would enable them to determine the overall workload performance and capacity needs.

The Solution: Galileo Performance Explorer, which was already in place within the pharmaceutical firm, provided the ideal solution during the acquisition. Galileo enabled administrators to have the necessary visibility over their own VMware and IBM Storage infrastructure footprint, and glean insights about the acquired company's VMware solutions.

Using Galileo Performance Explorer, decision-makers were able to take the proper steps to support their data center and migration plans. During this process, analysis of both environments is incredibly important to pinpoint emerging needs for additional performance and capacity, as well as any necessary configuration adjustments. Galileo provides the required in-depth predictive analysis, alongside details about infrastructure availability and ways to troubleshoot any post-migration issues that may emerge.

The Result: Armed with essential IT analysis from Galileo Performance Explorer, pharmaceutical executives had the insights they needed to make the best decisions about their data center infrastructure. The company was able to complete the analysis in just two days, gleaning insights connected to which systems would be migrated to the company's data center, and what new assets were required to support the newly acquired business.

Overall, Galileo's pharmaceutical customer migrated approximately 30 percent of its acquired business' IT footprint, moving necessary assets into its own data center. With Galileo supporting its migration and consolidation efforts, the firm benefited from considerable savings in both time and financial resources, and enjoyed a streamlined, problem-free acquisition.

To find out more about how Galileo uncomplicated this company's migration and consolidation process, contact us today.

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