IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco: What we are looking forward to...

IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco: What we are looking forward to...

Each year, IBM hosts one of the largest and well-known tech-focused events, the IBM Think Conference. Attendees are able to explore cutting-edge concepts, thoughtfully presented by expert speakers at keynotes and breakout sessions. The goal: fostering innovation, disseminating the latest and greatest thought in the tech space and enabling those in attendance to take these insights back to their organizations.

IBM Think 2019 San Francisco Silver SponsorThis year’s event is taking place February 12-15 in San Francisco. Our Galileo Performance Explorer team is pleased to be a Silver sponsor of the event, and we can’t wait to join other IBM Think attendees, speakers and other luminaries.

While there is still time to register for the event, we’d like to highlight some of the conference’s key speakers and sessions. Here are a few things to look forward to at this year’s Think Conference:

2019 Sessions

One of the best things about IBM’s annual event is the wide range of topics and concepts explored through the different speaker presentations and sessions. This year’s conference includes just under 1,400 sessions, and attendees can use the event’s website to sort by topics, speakers and session names, creating their own custom agenda.

While it’s difficult to pick and choose from so many innovative and interesting topics, let’s take a look at just a few of the key sessions that will be featured at this year’s conference:

Tuesday, Feb. 12:

  • Digitizing the Flow of Goods, Information and Money with Blockchain: The concept of blockchain is coming to the forefront in many industries, making this sessions from IBM’s Marie Wieck particularly relevant. This morning session will examine the use of blockchain in finance, insurance, retail and other sectors, including the role of the network in supporting these automating processes.
  • Enable Your Digital Transformation with the Right IT Operations Solutions: Exploring another trending topic, this session featuring IBM’s James Moore, Consolidated Communications’ Danny Butler, Chip Chambers of gen-E and Dominic Lehr of OpenAdvice IT Services, will explore the ways in which digital transformation has already impacted industry sectors. Speakers will discuss how to start the journey toward digital transformation and how IBM’s Management Suite support this movement.

Wednesday, Feb. 13:

  • The Importance of an AI Checkup: This session, hosted by IBM’s Anshu Jain, will demonstrate the critical need for continual maintenance to enable AI systems, and why a “set it and forget it” approach can lead to failure with AI-focused initiatives.
  • Make Stakeholders Happy: Empower Operational Self-Sufficiency Outside of Central IT: This session, hosted by IBM’s Sudhakar Chellam and Danny Butler of Consolidated Communications, will take a look how internal IT teams can enable service delivery for both clients and internal users, and the ways in which IBM’s Cloud Event Management can help.

Thursday, Feb. 14

  • Get a “Home Court Advantage” to Protect Your Applications!: This session featuring VMware’s Yatin Chalke, will examine the rising sophistication of today’s threat environment, and the risk that these security issues can pose for an organization’s key applications. Chalke will also discuss the importance of end-to-end visibility and granular control of the network for overcoming cyber threats.
  • The Cognitive Enterprise: Re-Engineer Workflows for the Future: This innovative session, hosted by IBM’s Dominique Dubois, will explore the concept of the cognitive enterprise, key cross-operational workflows and processes for supporting efficiency, and how automation, AI and data enable these types of initiatives.

Friday, Feb 15:

  • How to Maximize Your Customers’ Experience with Application Transformation: IBM’s Joseph Brown will examine issues including code sprawl and the struggle of using legacy technologies in conjunction with more modern frameworks. This session will include an airline website use case, and how the company repurposed resources to create a more mobile-friendly and engaging experience.

With so many fascinating topics being explored, it can be a challenge to decide how to spend your time at this year’s IBM Think Conference. Check out the event website to explore more and customize your agenda, and be sure to stop by and visit our Galileo Performance Explorer team at Booth 567 in the Cloud and Infrastructure Campus.

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