7 Advantages of SaaS Storage Monitoring

7 Advantages of SaaS Storage Monitoring

Netflix enables you to watch movies instantly over the Internet. Uber makes it easy for you to find a ride at any time. And Google Maps promptly provides directions wherever you want to go.

Today, customers expect apps to deliver instant responses. Also, they no longer simply want technology. They depend on it.

In this always-on, rapid-paced environment, your organization cannot afford downtime and slowdowns that interrupt the user experience. So you need to monitor storage and other parts of your IT infrastructure to prevent performance issues and outages.

If you’re sorting through the myriad of storage monitoring options, one question facing you is “What are the advantages of SaaS storage monitoring versus on-premise solutions?” A SaaS storage monitoring solution allows you to:

Get Up and Running Quickly

Just like your customers, you want results now. However, cost justifying and installing the hardware to support big platform on-premise solutions is time-consuming. Plus, then you have to configure them. Finally, there’s often a steep learning curve. All in all, the path from initial consideration of a solution to when you start to gain valuable insights from it can take months.

On the other hand, you can install a SaaS storage monitoring solution and receive insights from it within two hours.

Save Time on Administration

Saving time in getting your monitoring solution up and running is great, but what happens next? You save on the time it takes to keep it up and running! That’s because the vendor handles all the software upgrades and the maintenance of the hardware that supports the storage monitoring solution.

Scale with Your Business

Because the number of storage devices you need to monitor changes as your business grows, managing infrastructure with an on-premise solution is fraught with growing pains. To keep up with growth, you end up lurching through cycles of waste and poor performance. On the other hand, just as your lungs expand and contract as you take a breath, a SaaS solution grows and shrinks naturally to meet your needs.

Lower Capital and Operating Costs

Gartner predicts that the SaaS market will grow by 21.7 percent in 2016. Given that organizations that are adopting the cloud are saving 14 percent of their budgets, cost is a primary driving force behind this growth.

The cost advantages accrue in two areas: elimination of initial capital expenses and reduction in operating costs. With a SaaS solution, you don’t have the upfront investment in buying hardware to support the solution. On the operating side, there’s no need to hire a full-time employee to maintain the equipment or to purchase annual licenses.

Oversee Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise Storage

Private cloud adoption by organizations will rise from 63% in 2015 to 77% in 2016. Seventy-one percent of companies now operate in a hybrid cloud environment. If your business is swept up in the hybrid trend, you now have the challenge of monitoring storage on-premise and in the cloud.

Problem? You cannot oversee both environments with an on-premise storage monitoring solution. Another option is to use two tools, one for on-premise and one for the cloud. This patchwork solution, however, leads to communication problems between two tools that may not speak the same language and doubles the work.

The best alternative is a SaaS storage monitoring solution. Because it operates in the cloud, it can monitor both cloud and on-premise technology resources.

Harness the Service from Experts

SaaS solutions should include support from subject matter experts who work with the tool day in and out, helping their clients. If you have a problem, they’ve likely seen it before and can offer immediate assistance. Plus, it’s quick and easy for them to help you because, with your permission, they have visibility to your technology data. Essentially, you have consultants just a phone call away at any time to assist you in troubleshooting storage issues.

Ensure Storage Monitoring Won’t Go Down When Disaster Strikes

If there was an outage in your data center due to a power grid failure or natural disaster, the last thing you could afford is to have your storage monitoring solution sink with the ship. At the time of failure, it’s supposed to be the life preserver. So, it’s best to keep your monitoring solution way above board … in the cloud. That way, it’s available when calamity strikes. Also, wherever you are, you can access it from your cell phone.

Clearly a SaaS storage monitoring solution is beneficial because you can get insights from it rapidly, save administrative time, scale it easily with your business growth, lower your expenses, oversee hybrid IT environments, take advantage of help from the experts, and rest assured that your monitoring solution won’t go down should a disaster strike your datacenter.

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