Things I'm Excited for in AIX 7.2

AIX 7.2 is right around the corner, in fact it’s available for beta usage right now. Obviously I’m more excited for when it goes GA, but in the meantime here are some of the aspects of AIX 7.2 I’m most excited about!

NIM Now Operates Over One Single Port: HTTPS
If you’ve ever worked with NIM, you’ve probably had some keys indented into your forehead – because you’ve hit your head on your keyboard.

NIM is great, but in the same sense it can be very frustrating. Whether it’s NIMSH, NFS, TFTP, etc., managing all of the ports needed to be open between hosts was very frustrating. Now it’s over one, which is a huge relief.

There are some limitations. Out of the gate it’s only used for installp operations – not BOS installs. I’m hoping that over time they’ll rip out NFS completely and just use HTTPS.

Live Patching: No Reboots for ifixes
No longer will you need to reboot for installing ifixes!

Although it’s only ifixes at first, they’ve said that they will expand to service packs and technology levels. Once I get an AIX 7.2 server up, I’ll write about how live patching works.

Fileset Split Up
I’m really happy that they’re splitting this fileset up into sub filesets like: etc. This makes much more sense because there have been a number of vulnerabilities over the past two years for / server, so splitting this up is ideal for vulnerability remediation.

Once I get AIX 7.2 into production, I’ll showcase some of these features out in a more technical manner.

I’m mostly excited about the NIM changes – AIX has been hurting for a while for better repository management, and I think this is a step in the right direction.

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