What to Expect During a Galileo Proof of Concept + Health Assessment

What to Expect During a Galileo Proof of Concept + Health Assessment

The reliability of your infrastructure takes on a new level of importance with today’s data-intensive workloads. Stop the guesswork and empower your organization to accurately plan and execute IT innovation initiatives. Galileo Performance Explorer is a proactive, data-driven solution for capacity and performance management. Deep, predictive analytics and access to unlimited historical data helps organizations innovate and accurately align diverse infrastructure assets with capacity needs. With Galileo, IT teams can increase uptime, pinpoint usage trends, forecast demands, right-size environments and accurately plan for the future.

Free 30-Day Proof of Concept

Our 30-day Proof of Concept (POC) lets you see firsthand the depth of Galileo Performance Explorer for server, storage, database, SAN, networking and virtual applications in your environment. With our team of talented subject-matter experts, you can be up and running in under two hours using your data!

During the 30-day trial, you’ll see Galileo in action! We’ll explore the following four dashboards:

  1. Explorer Dashboard: See every detail with granular, historical reference points.
  2. Analytics Dashboard: Predict and prevent downtime by providing comprehensive views from OS problems to storage concerns.
  3. Enterprise Dashboard: Rapidly examine system performance across your entire enterprise.
  4. Tag Manager: Tag and group assets across all systems for accurate, dynamic decision-making and future planning.

With Galileo’s POC, you can begin to develop realistic roadmaps for growth and transformation through data visualization, as well as evaluate your specific infrastructure insights for problem determination at no cost or obligation.

Complimentary Health Assessment

Galileo’s Health Assessment provides the integral data necessary to maintain your unique IT infrastructure. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved and peace of mind achieved from learning that your infrastructure is performing optimally. At Galileo,we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your assets, so included in our free trial is a complimentary Health Assessment. You’ll see the value in Galileo with a guided presentation from our SMEs covering your infrastructure insights and predictive analytics, as well as advice for the future planning.

The operational intelligence that Galileo provides out-of-the-box ensures that organizations have the knowledge to gain performance and efficiency of their IT infrastructure. Galileo’s Health Assessment is delivered live to you by our SMEs and provides a detailed breakdown of all key systems which can be used for future maintenance, installations, optimizations and upgrades.

  1. Solution Overview
  2. Current Environment (Enterprise Dashboard)
  3. Incidents (Analytics Dashboard)
  4. Performance (Explorer Dashboard)
  5. Summary of Findings & Considerations for Next Steps

During the live Health Assessment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insights into performance and incidents. In addition, documentation of the assessment will be delivered to your organization for sharing among team members and further discussion.

Stop the firefighting. Focus on innovation and achieve operational excellence with Galileo. Get started today.

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