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Create an IT “Crystal Ball” to Troubleshoot Problems Quickly

by | Feb 19, 2016 | How-To Articles

Part 2 of Series: Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges

A number of challenges face IT administrators when the time comes to diagnose a problem within their environment—including heterogeneous infrastructure, different computing languages, a lack of common metrics, personnel with varying areas of expertise, and different domains. Servers, storage, SAN, and other areas all have their own specific requirements—and frequently different administrators as well. This makes fast, efficient troubleshooting an ongoing challenge.

The correct tool—and it is almost certainly better to use one comprehensive tool than several competing monitors—will provide you with accurate data on what the problems are and where they occur. It will act like a crystal ball that supplies real, actionable data with end-to-end capture and collection. The tool should be able to set alerting parameters into hypothetical or theoretical conditions that do not necessarily reflect current data-center conditions—but may reflect data-center conditions that could occur in the near or long-term future.

Download the Solution Guide, “Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges” with insights by Mike Matchett, senior analyst for Taneja Group and Tim Conley & Chris Churchey, co-founders of Galileo Performance Explorer.

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