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Product Enhancements: AIX and Linux Environments

by | Jul 27, 2015 | New Features

We are pleased to announce the availability of enhancements to the Galileo Performance Explorer Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) suite.

These updates provide additional reports, predictive analytics, and views for IBM’s AIX OS and multiple Linux OS’s. The enhancements are designed to widen the scope of IT data center performance monitoring and allow IT administrators to more accurately focus on avoiding system slowdowns, while also giving them the information required for long term planning.

From our Principal and Co-Founder of Galileo and ATS Group, Tim Conley: “Taken together, all of these new reports, analytics, and views provide valuable additional insights into the overall health and trends of IT infrastructure for Galileo AIX and Linux users. These enhancements help IT administrators help their companies by ensuring clarity of vision into how their data centers are operating and what steps can be taken to continue efficiency and performance.”

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Storwize Enhancements

  • Added charting of capacity in Capacity section
  • Added Thin/Compressed information
    • Compression savings/ratios
    • Charting capacity for Thin/Compressed capacity at pool and volume level
  • Added Tier information within pools
  • Added Remote Copy and Flash Copy to tables
  • Added Array Table
  • Added internode latency chart(s)

AIX & Linux Enhancements

  • New network throughput alert (rules) triggered against ACTUAL network adapter capacity 1Gb/10Gb (AIX and Linux)
  • NPIV Fibre Channel adapter charts in frame view
  • AIX network and Fibre Channel adapter error charts
  • AIX and Linux I/O queue statistics charts
  • Linux on POWER frame view configuration and chart enhancements
  • Linux Fibre Channel statistic charts for certain physical adapters
  • Linux inode charts and configuration data
  • NFS command statistics charts
  • configuration table additions

Enhanced Tables

  • Updated configuration table styling and “pop-out” capability
  • Enhanced performance build for all Configuration sections.  Tables are now “on-demand”.
  • New “Full Report” table selection in pop up full pane window
  • New Table Icons

Coming Soon

  • Brocade SAN Module
  • Cisco SAN Module
  • iSeries Module
  • Enterprise Dashboards

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