Unified Infrastructure Optimization: What It Means to be Vendor-Agnostic

Unified Infrastructure Optimization: What It Means to be Vendor-Agnostic

As IT performance management becomes an increasingly critical pursuit within today’s enterprises, businesses need a solution that can provide them with in-depth visibility into their most essential infrastructure systems. However, if your business is like most, you work with a bevy of different vendors to meet your infrastructure and technology needs, therefore you need an advanced IPM suite that can keep up and allow you optimize horizontally across your entire environment.

Enter Galileo Performance Explorer, an innovative, vendor-agnostic performance monitoring suite that offers predictive, actionable insights into the capacity and performance of your infrastructure components.

But how, exactly, do we achieve vendor-agnostic status? Galileo Performance Explorer provides an array of technology agents to support server, storage, SAN, database and cloud environments, and we’re consistently adding more agents to expand this support industry trends and client needs.

So whether you’re seeking performance metrics about systems from IBM, Dell EMC, Microsoft and beyond, Galileo is here to help. By inviting customers to tag and trend across all infrastructure assets, Galileo provides a unique visibility that streamlines problem determination and empowers strategic initiatives such as cloud migration, capacity planning and server consolidation.

Check out this comprehensive list of our currently available agents, as well as those to come:

Server Agents:

  • IBM AIX, IBM i, IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • VMware
  • Windows
  • Coming soon: Ceph, IBM Power HMC, KVM and Nutanix

Storage Agents:

  • DDN
  • Dell EMC VMAX, DELL EMC VNX, Dell EMC Unity
  • Hitachi Capacity
  • IBM DS3000, IBM DS4000, IBM DS5000, IBM DS8000, IBM FlashSystem, IBM SONAS, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM V7000 Unified, IBM XIV
  • Infinidat Infinibox
  • NetApp, NetApp ONTAP 9
  • Pure Storage
  • Coming soon: Dell EMC XtremIO, Dell EMC Isilon, Hitachi Performance, HPE 3PAR

Database Agents:

  • Oracle
  • Coming soon: Microsoft SQL

Networking Agents:

  • Coming soon: Cisco

SAN Agents:

  • Brocade
  • Cisco

Cloud Agents:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Coming soon: Cloud APIs

To find out more about what Galileo can do for your unique IT systems, connect with us today to schedule a demo or start a free trial.

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