Galileo Supports Infinidat Backup Appliance

Galileo Supports Infinidat Backup Appliance

In order to ensure the best performance of your critical IT infrastructure, it’s imperative that technological solutions supporting the most important functions can work in harmony. Galileo Performance Explorer, a best-in-class infrastructure performance management suite created by The ATS Group, has consistently worked to ensure this level of integrated interoperability. Galileo supports a host of essential IT infrastructure solutions, including Infinidat’s recently released Backup Appliance B4260.

Infinidat’s IBA provides a new approach to modern data protection and disaster recovery, providing high-level capacity within a 42U rack, streamlined performance supported by up to 72 terabytes per hour throughput and full redundancy.

As capacity, availability and data protection continue to represent linchpins of enterprise disaster recovery, it’s also imperative to ensure that an appliance like this will work well with the rest of the overall IT infrastructure. Galileo Performance Explorer is able to provide the visibility business IT managers need, including with the Infinidat IBA.

Galileo already provides support for Infinidat’s existing disk array, enabling users to experience the same level of granular visibility and control with the new Infinidat Backup Appliance B4260. In this way, performance data capable of helping IT teams maintain the top working order of their Infinidat Backup Appliance is accessible from the moment of deployment.

To find out more about the benefits that Galileo Performance Explorer can bring for your company’s use of the Infinidat Backup Appliance, or for details about the other solutions Galileo supports, contact us today.

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