Galileo IPM Suite

Galileo IPM Suite

A Single, Powerful Solution to Infrastructure Performance Management

Complex IT environments make Infrastructure Performance Management Tools (IPM) difficult and expensive. Successful performance management requires a single solution to empower better decision-making and lower costs. Galileo Performance Explorer® is the industry’s first cloud-based suite of integrated IPM agents with a unified dashboard and features powerful enough for both day-to-day managers and executives. Our easy-to-use solution allows for detailed monitoring of servers, storage, SAN, and applications.

Key capabilities can save up to 80% in time and resources

  • Quick, easy insight into capacity, configuration, and infrastructure health
  • Information to make fact-based, proactive decisions that affect business
  • Access to server and storage performance information in just minutes
  • Critical, detailed analysis for all your IT server and storage operations
  • Intelligent and predictive analysis that is available to you in just seconds
  • Custom graphical dashboards based on metrics that you need and use most

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture

Gain valuable insight within minutes—and save the time and money once wasted on confusing, contradictory, or incorrect results. Galileo’s SaaS architecture makes it easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain. Implementation is simple—you can be running in less than two hours.

Subscription pricing

Enhanced enterprise-wide and agent-level features are available through cost-effective subscription pricing with no additional installation requirements or additional costs. Without additional hardware requirements, client software licensing, costly upgrades, or dedicated IT resources—Galileo is the cost-effective solution.