Key Features

Key Features

All the Vital Information You Need… Right at Your Fingertips


Cloud Migrations

Whether you store all your data in the cloud or have a hybrid environment—use predictive analytics, intuitive alerts, and outstanding support to make the best cloud-based decisions.


Enterprise Dashboard

Learn more about your infrastructure and make better decisions with detailed, real-time information on storage, server, SAN, and application assets across your entire enterprise. Includes Tag Manager.


Predictive Analytics Dashboard

Predict and prevent downtime and monitor health across your data center—from operating system problems to storage concerns—with user-defined parameters and enhanced reporting. Includes Tag Manager.


Performance Monitoring

View speed and performance from a single workstation to effectively monitor computing efficiency, power utilization, server operations, storage environments, and virtualization.


Vendor Agnostic Support

Get cloud-based performance management tools that support all major manufacturers, operating systems, and SANs—including multi-tenant and multi-vendor environments.


Capacity Planning

Stay ahead and remain flexible with capacity planning that provides monitors and alerts to show exactly how your data center will react to any changes and future upgrades.


Configuration Management

Save time and identify vital assets with configuration management tools that provide a complete inventory of assets and configuration details for your IT infrastructure.


Secure Services

Secure cloud-based architecture uses encryption and authentication to guarantee transmission only from registered agents, with no transfer or storage of any sensitive information.