Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

Extensive Analytics to Help You Expose the Truth About Your Infrastructure

Break Through the IT Information Fog. Go Beyond the Status Quo.

The Enterprise Dashboard within Galileo Performance Explorer® can help you visually review and closely analyze all of your storage, server, Storage Area Network (SAN), and application assets. With such detailed information, you can now examine system performance across your entire enterprise. Our advanced drill-down capabilities greatly expand reporting and analytics—providing you with access to detailed, real-time information that will allow you to make better, more-informed decisions.


Storage Assets Dashboard Views

  • Total usable storage capacity
  • Virtual storage capacity
  • Storage vendors
  • Storage subsystem class
  • Storage device type
  • Storage tiers

Storage Performance Dashboard Views

  • Average disk throughput by volume
  • Peak disk throughput per volume
  • Average disk IOPS per volume
  • Peak disk IOPS per volume
  • Average System throughput per volume

Server Asset Dashboard Views

  • Operating systems
  • Physical architectures
  • Virtualized servers
  • Size by memory
  • Size by core
  • Network connectivity

Server Performance Dashboard Views

  • CPU by server
  • Memory
  • Disk throughput
  • Peak network throughput
  • Average network throughput

Tag Manager

  • Assign custom, user-defined tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application asset that operates on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid/virtual environments.
  • Tag any assets that meet a specific search query or attribute to quickly determine how a project, business unit, environment, or other entity uses them.
  • Quickly determine the configuration, performance, and capacity of any asset within your user-defined context for valuable planning and management insight.