IT Operational Intelligence

IT Operational Intelligence

Powerful Intelligence to Support Strategic Growth

Gain powerful insight into servers, storage, virtualization, and SAN. Visually review and analyze performance in a single view. Summarize every asset within your entire IT environment. Dramatically reduce decision-making times and prevent slowdowns or outages. IT Intelligence Dashboards provided by Galileo Performance Explorer® performance management software make it possible for C-level executives and data-center professionals to make informed strategic decisions based on reliable information on performance, capacity, and configuration.

See Everything. Miss Nothing.

Galileo IT Intelligence Performance Monitoring dashboards provide measurements regarding capacity, utilization, configuration, licensing, and performance. These two unique dashboards provide deep views, detailed drill-downs, customizable criteria, and user-defined alerts that help you align IT technology to business objectives.

Enterprise IT Intelligence Dashboard

Expanded reporting and analytics provide detailed information on assets and performance across your enterprise—so you can make informed decisions.

IT Intelligence Analytics Dashboard

Enhanced analytics functionality with user-defined parameters to create the information you need helps you predict issues, prevent downtime, and monitor health across environments.