Windows Server Performance Monitoring Agent

Get a better perspective on Windows Server performance management instantly. This Galileo Windows server performance monitoring tool supports infrastructure charting for Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Whether you operate Windows infrastructure, either exclusively or alongside IBM AIX and/or Linux servers, our tool offers complete visibility into systems capacity, utilization, and performance with a single, cloud-based solution.

In seconds, Galileo exposes the true facts about what metrics are needed for applications to run properly and if requirements are met, through over 45 charts—including CPU Utilization, Network Throughput, and Disk Service times. Plus, you’ll gain the data granularity to pinpoint when and where metrics spike out of spec, and the factual insight to isolate problems to a host server, OS, storage subsystem, or application.

Configuration and Performance in One Screen

Instantly gain insights on critical system configuration data along with performance monitoring charts—all within the Galileo portal.

CPU Usage

Quickly identify an under- or over-utilized server by examining the aggregated CPU for the Windows hosts grouped within a Virtual Group.

Real Memory Used

Examine the aggregated Memory for the Windows hosts grouped within a Virtual Group. Reveal the total memory in use at any given time.

Host Utilization

Expose Host that are heavy consumers of the Virtual/Logical CPUs they have defined.