Real-Time Alerting

Galileo Active Monitor

Real-time monitoring and alerting from a single, easy-to-use platform

Part of the Galileo Suite, Galileo Active Monitor is the ultimate enterprise-level monitoring and alerting solution for infrastructure, services, and applications. See how it works.

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A Robust and Scalable Monitoring Platform

Get the critical insights you need with real-time metrics and alerts from any device, system, or application.

  • detection

    Problem Detection

    Define intelligent thresholds and detect anomalies and problems with highly flexible rules and definitions.

  • notification

    Notification and Remediation

    Be immediately notified of important events and create escalation workflows to aid in problem resolution.

  • visualizations


    View alerts and charts in a single pane of glass, customized to your specific needs.

  • secure auth

    Secure Authentication

    Protect your data at all levels with strong encryption and multiple authentication methods.

  • monitoring

    Distributed Monitoring

    Scale without limits through dynamic discovery and automated script deployment, collecting data from thousands of monitored devices.

  • api integration

    API Integration

    Provide GAM intelligence to third-party applications with over 200 different GAM functions and methods using our robust API.

Unrelenting Support, Far Beyond the Competition

Every deployment is backed by a Galileo Technical Advocate team who will ensure that your investment doesn’t become shelfware.

  • effortless deployment

    Effortless Deployment

    Your Galileo Technical Advocate will ensure that your deployment is up and running quickly, providing the fastest time-to-value of any competing product.

  • best practice

    Best-Practice Approach

    More than just an out-of-the-box solution, Galileo Active Monitor agents and templates have been highly customized by our subject-matter experts using industry best-practices and can be further customized to meet your requirements.

  • suite integration

    Galileo Suite Integration

    Galileo Active Monitor is part of the Galileo Suite and can be fully integrated with our flagship application, Galileo Performance Explorer, to provide a holistic view of your infrastructure.

  • managed services

    Optional Managed Services

    For customers who prefer a hands-off approach, GAM can be completely managed by your Galileo Technical Advisor for the ultimate “white glove” experience.

A holistic, end-to-end view of your entire infrastructure. See the power of Galileo.

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