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By utilizing Galileo Performance Explorer Suite for server, storage, database and SAN, you can drive sales, close deals faster and become a trusted advisor for your enterprise customers. Vendor agnostic, Galileo can solve your customer infrastructure performance challenges on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments.
Galileo answers the challenge that IT faces in managing distributed, multi-tenant servers and storage, virtualization layers, heterogeneous vendors and bloated or restrictive management solutions while identifying and solving problems faster. Galileo’s Discovery Partner Program is designed to make it easy and profitable for solution providers to utilize Galileo in cloud migrations, server consolidations and transformations, data center migrations, AI infrastructure and capacity planning project and mergers and acquisitions.

Galileo has a total of 41 technologies (active and in development) to support the your your entire infrastructure ecosystem.


Our exceptional customer retention rate is a testament to how we do business.

Our partner network is a valued extension of the Galileo team, mindfully guided to success.

Partner Program Benefits

Gain Valuable Insight

Gain vital performance insights for your customers’ multi-tenant, multi-vendor, disparate, heterogeneous data center environments.

Enjoy Recurring Revenvue

Our partners earn high profit margins and enjoy recurring revenues streams with no cost or entry or overhead.


Drive Additional Sales

Align and bundle virtualization, server, compute and storage resources to solve business objectives for your clients.

Our Dedicated Sales Team

Heather Eisenmann

Heather Eisenmann

Executive Vice President, Sales


Kristy Slimmer

Kristy Slimmer

Director of Marketing



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