Let Galileo manage your

Strategic Initiatives

Accurately monitoring your current environment with Galileo Performance Explorer will provide the roadmap to a successful project.

Thorough and ongoing infrastructure planning and monitoring is critical to ensuring the overall performance of your environment. Successful planning goes beyond research and the numbers.

Without comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and predictive planning, the performance of an organization’s most critical applications and IT assets can suffer from slow downs or disruptions.

Utilization of cloud has become essential to business processes. However migrating data and infrastructure to the cloud is more complex than project stakeholders initially realize.

On-premises data centers were once considered the backbone of modern infrastructure, but times have definitely changed. Organizations are feeling the constraints of tightened IT budgets.

Health checks provide the integral data necessary to maintain your unique IT infrastructure assets. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved.

Organizations seeking to mine greater insight into big data rely on high performance computing environments to power the conversion of analytics into a competitive advantage.

The consolidation of two or more business entities through a merger or acquisition can come with considerable complexities, particularly associated with combining critical IT infrastructures.

Any issues that stand in the way of winning infrastructure performance could be costing your company big in terms of productivity, customer service and profits.

Ensuring the most efficient use an IT environment’s workload capacity and available computing power is crucial within any on-premise data center or system of servers.

Why Galileo?

You’re likely feeling the pressure. While disruptions in IT service delivery are inflicting greater damage on bottom lines, users are also demanding more from technology, and cost containment is a high priority. With the digital world taking a lead role in corporate success, you know it’s important to monitor and manage your IT environment today and to plan strategically for future success. So why should you choose Galileo for monitoring your infrastructure? It’s comprehensive, so you see everything and miss nothing. Also, it’s easy to use and provides the data you need to make sound business decisions. Thus, it empowers you to enhance the user experience by preventing outages and slowdowns. And by enabling you to minimize costs, it improves your company’s bottom line.

Monitors Your Entire Environment
Galileo can monitor the configuration, capacity, and performance of a variety of brands of servers, storage, SAN and applications across your entire environment. Other monitoring solutions take a piecemeal approach that leaves gaps where performance issues can hide.

Covers Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Site IT Infrastructure
Galileo provides a picture of the elements of your global IT environment whether on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud.

Simple to Learn and Manage
A patchwork of applications is often used to monitor IT environments. These tools along with their hardware and software create administrative work. Alternatively, enterprise-wide solutions have steep learning curves and are so complicated that it often requires a full-time administrator to manage and maintain them. On the other hand, Galileo is a SaaS solution that provides a unified vision across your whole infrastructure. It’s easier to learn and manage one cohesive tool than multiple tools, and because it’s a cloud solution, there’s no administration.

Visually Appealing Dashboard Provides Answers Quickly
The color-coded dashboards distill the most critical information and provide insights at a glance. They are more than pretty pictures. They serve up the crucial data so you can make sound decisions. Get Access to SMEs Need help using Galileo? Just contact one of our subject matter experts (SMEs) who are on hand to help you get the most out of the product. Access Anytime, Anywhere Because Galileo is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere, anytime from your mobile phone, laptop or another device. Tag and Group Technology for Strategic Analysis You can use Galileo to tag and group technology assets from any part of your IT environment, thus creating virtual environments. Learn about the requirements and performance, for example, of hardware involved in data and cloud migrations, server consolidations, capacity plans, and mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Does Not Slow Down Your Systems Because many tools monitor un-selectively, they eat up capacity and slow systems down like a computer chugging through a full virus scan. Galileo works quietly in the background, selectively monitoring what’s most important.

Your Crystal Ball for Technology
Galileo enables you to use pre-set performance thresholds (or create your own) that foretell brewing disasters, empowering you to take action to prevent business disruptions. This way, you never have to fight fires again.

Keeps Data For as Long as You Like
Galileo allows you to keep your data as long as you want to. That’s important because the longer you can keep your data, the better your ability to establish performance thresholds and spot performance trends and aberrations. This enables you to foretell and avert potential disasters.

Provides Pure, Granular Data
You can’t afford to have one or two statistical outliers skew your data, so Galileo provides granular data. With snapshots every five minutes, you’re able to avoid averages that threaten to misrepresent reality.

Offers Broad, Deep Analysis
Many enterprise monitoring solutions go wide, but they don’t go deep. As such, they may enable you to find an issue, but not to dig deeply enough to discover and resolve the root cause. Galileo provides both broad and deep information, exactly what you need to address issues today and plan for the future.

Includes a Trending Feature for Easy Forecasts
Within Galileo, you can select data from any period and apply models contained in the software to create forecasts. Use this tool to project your filesystem usage, CPU utilization and more.