Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Proactively manage capacity by predicting future needs from historical trends.

Capacity Planning

The exponential growth of applications and digital business initiatives has put pressure on IT departments to optimize the user experience. At the same time, however IT budgets are declining. As a result, IT capacity planning is more important than ever to optimize the utilization of data center assets, which can either lead to latency and downtime. However, you can tackle the task of planning technology resources to serve your organization’s needs more easily than you think. Galileo Performance Explorer monitors your complete infrastructure and provides the data you need to make capacity planning decisions.

With Galileo’s holistic view of your environment including essential data and metrics, you can create a capacity plan in 2 simple steps:

1. Quickly & Easily See the Big Picture

Monitor your entire IT environment with Galileo and get critical analytics for planning for the future and driving efficiencies. You’ll be able to view data about your servers, storage, database, SAN and cloud environments from any device… including mobile!

2. Use Predictive Analytics to Spot Issues

It’s good to know where you are today, but for capacity planning, you also need a window into the future.

Galileo analyzes trends in CPU, memory usage, IOPS, throughput and latency and utilizes intelligent thresholds to warn you before a problem occurs, so you can take action to avoid slowdowns and downtime. With user-friendly visually intuitive charts, you’ll get insights in minutes and be able to focus your time on which technology investments you need to make instead of trial and error.

With Galileo, you can see how your data center reacts under potential future circumstances. It’s your crystal ball for decision making to balance workloads across current resources and create a plan for the technology upgrades that you need to ensure future performance.

With Galileo, not only is capacity planning more accurate, it’s also easier and takes far less time. By putting off hardware purchases and reducing associated costs of software and administration, you’ll end up saving money.



What do our customers say?

Galileo’s IT dashboards act as a crystal ball across our IT enterprise. We’ve already dramatically reduced our decision-making time.

We are better able to defer new storage hardware purchases and balance our storage needs across what we already own.

At a high-level view, I can see the entire enterprise at a glance. Galileo’s Enterprise Dashboard is shaping the data for me, showing me what to drill down on and what to look at.

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