Health Assessments

Health Assessments

Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved or peace of mind achieved from learning that your infrastructure is performing optimally.

Health Assessments

Health checks provide the integral data necessary to maintain your unique IT infrastructure assets. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved. They also provide peace of mind from learning that your infrastructure is performing optimally. Did you know that over 70% of organizations have correctable performance problems, so even the best-run data centers could use a tune-up?

Galileo Performance Explorer makes health assessments quick and easy by providing infinite insight to significantly improve infrastructure high availability, performance and reducing operational cost. The operational intelligence that Galileo provides out-of-the-box ensures that organizations have the knowledge to gain maximum performance and efficiency of their IT infrastructure.

With Galileo, organizations can look at their overall operation and identify current or potential problem areas by analyzing the parts that make up the whole: servers, storage, database, SAN and cloud assets. Detailed graphical dashboards display an environment’s strengths and weaknesses and identifies realistic opportunities for improvement.

Utilizing Galileo for regular health assessments provide the valuable insight necessary to:

  1. Right size your environment
  2. Evaluate readiness to deploy advanced applications
  3. Identify performance bottlenecks
  4. Maximize resources
  5. Roadmap future improvements
  6. Reduce capital expenses

Galileo’s Complimentary Health Assessment

Galileo’s free 30-day proof of concept includes a valuable Health Assessment. After agent installation is complete, and the customer has had a little time to understand the features and functionality, our senior technology experts will provide a live report with a detailed breakdown of all key systems which can be used for future maintenance, installations, optimizations and upgrades. Included in the live assessment:

  1. Solution Overview
  2. Current Environment (Enterprise Dashboard)
  3. Incidents (Analytics Dashboard)
  4. Performance (Core Dashboard)
  5. Summary of Findings & Considerations for Next Steps

You’ll see the value in Galileo with a guided presentation from our SMEs covering your infrastructure insights and predictive analytics, as well as advice for the future planning.


What do our customers say?

Before Galileo, we had multiple monitoring tools, and none were capable of monitoring every single asset that we have.  We weren’t able to accurately measure because our tools were all over the place.

Now we have all of the information we need in one spot, which is pretty cool.

Galileo’s IT dashboards act as a crystal ball across our IT enterprise. We’ve already dramatically reduced our decision-making time.

We are better able to defer new storage hardware purchases and balance our storage needs across what we already own.

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