Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Elimate IT slowdowns and downtime with proactive infrastructure management

Performance Optimization

Any issues that stand in the way of winning infrastructure performance could be costing your company big in terms of productivity, customer service and profits. In order to support and provide the best experience for the workforce, businesses need a solution that continually monitors crucial infrastructure assets and can alert the IT team to problems that might prevent users from successfully interacting with key applications and solutions.

What’s causing your performance issues?

Although performance challenges can stem from a number of different areas, some of the most pressing issues are the result of problems within underlying infrastructure systems:

  1. Inadequate capacity can create significant performance slowdowns, which makes even simple tasks take considerably longer than they should.
  2. Imbalance in workloads across server and cloud systems can lead to network bottlenecks, slow performance and even outages and downtime.
  3. Misconfigured systems that aren’t set up appropriately or correctly integrated with underlying infrastructure can impede proper use.

How to support the best user experience

In order to avoid these and other usability issues, organizations should invest in an infrastructure performance monitoring solution such as Galileo Performance Explorer. Robust, predictive technology can notify you of issues that could impact user experience, enabling you and your team to address them before they create large-scale problems for your workforce.

Galileo Performance Explorer allows you to provide optimal performance when you follow these steps for success:

  1. Install Galileo technology agents to monitor your server, storage, SAN, database and cloud environments across your entire infrastructure. In under an hour, these agents will begin providing you with key data about system configurations, performance and capacity.
  2. Review and establish your baseline through Galileo’s intuitive dashboards, which use predictive analytics and intelligent thresholds to provide a point of reference for you to gauge application and infrastructure status. Galileo also allows you to virtually group important metrics relating to your infrastructure’s IOPS, latency and throughput to inform you when action is needed to maintain peak performance.
  3. Let thresholds inform your priorities and then customize thresholds according to your internal team’s strategy. Galileo’s dashboards are color-coded based on set thresholds, allowing you to see, at a glance, when everything is performing correctly (green), when you’re heading toward a danger zone (yellow) or when action is needed immediately (red).
  4. Drill down into issues to address the root cause and support top-notch performance and user experiences.
  5. Leverage trends to ensure that your infrastructure systems always have the support and resources required to prevent performance issues. Galileo is like a crystal ball, allowing you to create forecasts for file system usage, CPU utilization, memory use and more.

In short, Galileo Performance Explorer provides you and your team with the in-depth insights and metrics you need to prioritize IT performance and support the productivity of your workforce.

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What do our customers say?

Before Galileo, we had multiple monitoring tools, and none were capable of monitoring every single asset that we have.  We weren’t able to accurately measure because our tools were all over the place.

Now we have all of the information we need in one spot, which is pretty cool.

Galileo’s IT dashboards act as a crystal ball across our IT enterprise. We’ve already dramatically reduced our decision-making time.

We are better able to defer new storage hardware purchases and balance our storage needs across what we already own.

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