How does Galileo compete against TeamQuest?

Competitive Analysis Documents:

TeamQuest Specifics:

  • TeamQuest Corporation, is a computer software company specializing in Systems management, Performance management and Capacity planning software for computer servers. (View the TeamQuest Vityl Website, Compatability and demo.)
  • Cloud: On-premise & cloud
  • Monitoring: Server, Storage, Network & Database
  • Dashboards: Capacity Planning, Health/Risk, Performance Monitoring, and Executive (Business Value)

What is TeamQuest missing?

  • Storage: Not in analyzer or predictor dashboards
  • SAN Monitoring: None
  • Correlation: Limited statistics and correlation features
  • Comprehensive: No singular view into the enterprise
  • Data Handling:  Health/Risk 30 days of Data
  • SME Support: No industry expertise
  • Ease of Use:  Not all out of the Box  

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