How Does Galileo Monitor Microsoft Hyper-V?

Q 1: What is our positioning on monitoring Hyper V? Can we monitor the OS/Windows server?  Do we monitor anything else?

A 1: Hyper V supports both Linux and Windows guests, just like VMware. Galileo supports the guests and groups them together with tagging to view as a whole or at the Hyper V group level.

For Hyper-V
1) we would install our Windows/Linux agents on the Hyper-V Guests
2) then Tag Guests/OS in Tag Manager  (Hyper-V Tag)
3) View  (Hyper-V Tag) group in Core – Will show grouped metrics of all Guests running on the Hyper-V server
4) Or view individual Guests/OS in Core

Q2: Is there every a plan to have an Hyper-V agent?

A2: Has not been a plan to support Hyper V to date, never had a request

Q3: Lastly, what is the difference between Hyper-V and VMware?  Are they different ways to Virtualize servers/competitors?

A4: Both are similar as virtualized solutions for Windows and Linux guests.  I believe Hyper V is free or much cheaper then VMware.  But VMware continues to be King Kong in the virtualized Space. VMware has about 70% of the market vs 8% for Hyper V.