Eliminate doubts of where problems lie, how resources can best be utilized, and what future hardware purchases are justified.

Cloud-based agents install in minutes!

Custom graphical dashboards and detailed reports

Identify and prevent bottlenecks before they start—unlike reactive performance-monitoring tools designed to issue alarms in response to system overloads.

Features "Reduced 4 hours to 4 minutes..."

Simplified, quick IT capacity planning and utilization

Galileo's robust data-interpretation tools deliver hundreds of performance charts and metrics in near real-time for CPUs, disks, memory, networks, etc.

How It Works "Avoided activating 595 CPUs from COD..."

Surpass limits of SRM tools, open source, manual efforts

Convert days or weeks to minutes with accurate, more detailed performance analysis. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, complex BI tools, or expensive on-site software.

Detailed Analysis "Eliminated hours of analysis..."

Improved decision-making while you control costs

Galileo can pay for itself with the first use. Web-accessible resources enable decision-makers to monitor, drill down, and analyze highly granular performance data.

User Advantages "Saved $102k in minutes..."