Galileo Now Supports Critical Insights for Pure Storage Amid Shift in Market

by | Feb 19, 2018

Galileo Performance Explorer, a leading infrastructure performance management suite created by The ATS Group, announces the release of a new technology agent to support Pure Storage products.

Galileo Performance Explorer, a leading infrastructure performance management suite created by The ATS Group, announces the release of a new technology agent to support Pure Storage products. As an increasing number of organizations move toward Pure Storage, it’s imperative that IT administrators are able to glean critical insights about the performance and capacity of their Pure Storage FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X environments.

With Galileo Performance Explorer in place, admins are able to quickly and proactively identify any performance issues within their PureStorage products, as well as across their entire infrastructure. Galileo provides robust, cross-platform support for the most critical infrastructure elements, including servers, storage, database, SAN and cloud environments from a range of different vendors like IBM, Dell EMC, Oracle, VMware, NetApp, Infinidat and more

A shifting storage marketplace

The digital storage sector has seen considerable shakeups recently, particularly related to Pure Storage. The company has long been known for its low prices -its all-flash storage systems quickly became a cost-effective alternative to spinning disk storage. In a bold move, Pure Storage recently reduced their prices even further in order to more effectively compete in a considerably saturated market.

This has motivated organizations to shift away from traditional storage vendors like IBM and Dell EMC to Pure Storage to support reduced technology costs. Whenever data and workloads are migrated to a new storage environment, however, it’s imperative that IT admins and decision-makers have granular visibility into the platform, it’s overall capacity and performance level.

Technology abstract including opaque squares, bold blue and yellow lines, numbers and binary code on a black background. Admins and stakeholders must support the key performance and management of their critical data storage environments.


Where Galileo comes in

Galileo Performance Explorer ensures that no matter what type of environments a company has in place, technology stakeholders are able monitor critical performance while pinpointing and addressing any issues before they become large-scale problems impacting users.

Galileo allows admins to leverage performance alerting, management and monitoring for FlashArray//M, FlashArray//X, FlashBlade and FlashStack. These crucial capabilities help to isolate configuration issues, reduce problem resolution time, avoid downtime and improve overall performance.

Galileo supports users by enabling them to access performance and configuration information about the system, Volumes, and volumes by host. And with Galileo’s Dynamic Tagging functionality, users can customize dashboard parameters, view and trend capacity usage over time in a way that provides the most value for the organization and its critical infrastructure performance.

In addition, Galileo provides critical metrics including:

  • System: Latency, IOPS, bandwidth, queue depth, transfer sizes, capacity, data reduction ratios, and configuration.
  • Volumes: Latency, IOPS, bandwidth, transfer sizes, capacity, and data reduction ratios.
  • Volumes by Host: Latency, IOPS, bandwidth, transfer sizes, capacity, and data reduction ratios aggregated by host.

As more organizations move toward Pure Storage for their data needs, it’s imperative that the performance provided supports the value of this cost-effective solution. Galileo helps ensure that IT admins and stakeholders have everything they need to maintain and manage their critical infrastructure systems.

To find out more about the benefits Galileo can provide for your Pure Storage environments, or to seek information about the other platforms Galileo supports, connect with us for a demo or free trial today.

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