On-Demand Webcast: Data Doesn’t Lie.

by | Apr 18, 2023

The days of monolithic (and easier to manage) systems are long gone. Unfortunately, tracing workloads as they snake through a spaghetti ball of connections, transactions, and relationships is not for the faint of heart. But sorting out which tools can best help you is almost as hard as managing your infrastructure in the first place. The key is to know what to look for when evaluating solutions. Get this complete buyer’s guide to help you make sense of your IBM Power infrastructure monitoring choices and select the best tools for your organization.

Stop digging through data! Save time, money, and headaches by getting answers to your most critical infrastructure questions without leaving your inbox.

Your success lies in managing every connection, transaction, and workload in your environment.  However, finding answers and creating reports is a miserable, time-consuming task. Galileo has a better way.

Galileo Report Studio makes it EASY to make better decisions, streamline operations, identify cost savings and growth opportunities, and improve customer experience. Watch this on-demand webcast to see how to connect Galileo data with any source (like Service Now) and tailor infrastructure reports to critical metrics like cost analysis, anomaly detection, and capacity trends.

Inside the Webcast:

We’ll showcase 6 reports you can use today to answer these critical infrastructure questions.

⭕ When will you run out of capacity?
⭕ Do you have enough capacity for disaster recovery?
⭕ What assets do you (really) have?
⭕ What has changed in your environment?
⭕ Can you monetize your infrastructure?
⭕ How much is your infrastructure costing you?

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A Word from Galileo: Ready to Take the Next Step?

IT teams feel pressured daily to keep systems running efficiently to fuel business growth.

Most IT teams are paying a hefty price for multiple, redundant monitoring tools that delay incident resolution, contribute to silos within the IT organization, and slow down your business.

We know firsthand how traditional monitoring tools fall short.

Like you, we manage complex systems. And we’ve felt the pain of configuring a slew of overly complicated tools that failed to give us what we needed. It’s a dumpster fire of time and cash.

That’s why we built Galileo. Our interactive 3D engine automatically visualizes your asset relationships, analyzes device health, and displays it in a single view so you can quickly remediate issues and get on with your day.

Set up a Galileo demo and change how you see your infrastructure and analyze its health – FOREVER!

See more. Know more. DO more…with Galileo. Let’s get started today.

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