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Estimating Your Cloud Costs is EASY. Do it in Just 3 Clicks.

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Cloud Optimization

One of our customers recently got their first bill after moving their Linux and Windows workloads to Azure.

Their bill was astronomical!

They struggled to answer the question, “how much will it cost?” and their initial cost assessments were vague at best.

Here’s what they did:

They pulled information together from a bunch of tools and scripts.  Then they combined that with tribal knowledge of their applications and servers (read: some info in a guy’s head) and made a “best guess” on sizing and provisioned the environment.

Once the dust settled and they completed the actual migration, their bill averaged $150,000 per month!

This amount was way higher than they expected.   Sound familiar?

It’s always a challenge to figure out what the cloud is going to cost you before you decide whether or not to make a move.

We hear this constantly from our customers.  Heck, we felt that pain with our own cloud journey.

How do you realize cost savings?

Know Before You Go

How do you reap all the “savings” benefits promised by the cloud if you can’t make an educated decision based on its true costs?

Sadly, monitoring alone will not reduce your monthly cloud bill.

To accurately predict your monthly cloud costs BEFORE starting a migration, you need a way to get pricing for any number or combination of assets based on actual data, not just a guess.

You’ll need to know how much it would cost, but more importantly:  how much could it cost, if it were properly right-sized

It’s even better if you can compare different options or different Cloud Providers.

That’s why we made Galileo Cloud Compass – or GCC as we call it.  It quickly and accurately estimates your monthly spend for “lift-n-shift” and right-sized workloads.​ You can compare multiple cloud options side-by-side and even see cost information for ANY cloud, including your on-prem infrastructure!

Know BEFORE you go. 

Look, we’re all busy with important work.  So, we need an efficient way to get up-to-the-minute pricing for any cloud provider.

So how much did you save them?

Getting back to our customer story…we used GCC to analyze their workload.  We went back to the data points before their Azure migration as well as the current timeframe and delivered immediate cost information for Azure, AWS, and a couple of other providers.

They saved a little over $50,000 each month on their cloud bill using GCC’s right-sizing and cloud provider recommendations!   The savings were immediate and didn’t even reflect saved time in resources, consulting dollars, etc.

This was a huge win for the customer!

We’ve just released a new version of GCC that’s jam-packed with enhancements to help you eliminate the guesswork and get to the cloud faster.

We’ve published an on-demand demo of the product that you can check out now.  I guarantee it will be worth your while.

Galileo Cloud Compass was the answer for many of our customers, and it pays for itself.  What kind of savings can it uncover for you?  Check out the on-demand demo to find out.

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