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Proactive IT Monitoring Prevents System Slowdowns

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Technical Advocacy

Part 1 of Series: Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges

IT Performance is an important concern due to the complicated nature of application architectures—including layers of virtualization, network complexity, advanced storage infrastructures, and the silo-like nature of IT domains. The problems of performance often lead to missed service level agreements, overspending, and brittle infrastructure that does not seamlessly meet the needs of business.

While critical system failures gather more attention, performance slowdowns remain a concern due their ability to negatively effect an organization’s bottom line. For that reason, prevention is vital. When an administrator is in a reactive state, solving a performance issue can typically waste nearly a third of their workday. That is why it is so important to be proactive instead. This requires the right tools, accurate data, and efficient use of time. Visibility is the first key principal to great performance management that prevents slowdowns. For the practitioner, this visibility has to be both real and practical—not merely theoretical.

The right tools can quickly identify system details, provide detailed views of devices, and give proactive alerts—so you can isolate problems before they go critical. Proactive monitoring benefits from constant data collection and ongoing data retention—along with predictive threshold monitoring and the fast, accurate detection of performance changes. If you can visually review and analyze your assets across your IT environment with a unified, single-pane-of-glass view; you will be well ahead of the game. By pinpointing where in the data center a performance slowdown is occurring; this view can examine server environments, storage environments, bandwidth bottlenecks, power allocation, virtualization environments, and more.

Download the Solution Guide, Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges. Insights by Mike Matchett, senior analyst for Taneja Group and Tim Conley & Chris Churchey, co-founders of Galileo Performance Explorer.

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