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by | Apr 2, 2024
Healthcare Software
Galileo Suite
Organization Size
501 - 1,000 employees
Franklin, Tennessee

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency and reliability are paramount. For forty years, MEDHOST has been a trusted provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, serving hospitals with cutting-edge software for clinical, Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS), and emergency services. However, as the demands on their infrastructure grew, they faced the challenge of ensuring seamless performance monitoring across their vast network of clients.

The Challenge

MEDHOST, with over a thousand hospitals under its umbrella, needed a robust performance monitoring solution that could provide comprehensive visibility into its entire infrastructure. This solution had to go beyond mere data collection and offer a centralized dashboard that could present critical information to executive leadership clearly and concisely.

The Solution

Enter Galileo, more than just a vendor to MEDHOST but a true partner in their quest for operational excellence. Galileo’s performance monitoring platform offered MEDHOST the ability to monitor their entire environment from a single pane of glass. With Galileo, they could effortlessly visualize their hosts, storage, and SAN, gaining invaluable insights into their infrastructure’s performance.

Moreover, the collaboration between Galileo and MEDHOST teams went beyond technology. Operations and engineering teams found themselves working more closely, leveraging Galileo’s insights to drive meaningful discussions and improvements. This partnership was built on a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that any issues were promptly addressed through responsive and dedicated customer service.

The Results

The results of implementing Galileo were tangible and immediate. With enhanced visibility into its infrastructure, MEDHOST experienced improved operational efficiency and reliability. Galileo’s insights empowered the operations and engineering teams, leading to more proactive problem-solving and decision-making.

Furthermore, the partnership between Galileo and MEDHOST exemplified the true meaning of collaboration and support. Galileo’s exceptional customer service ensured that MEDHOST had the support they needed whenever they needed it. Whether it was a simple query or a complex issue, Galileo was there to guide them through it, facilitating troubleshooting sessions and providing expert assistance.

Today, the Galileo platform is an integral part of MEDHOST’s daily operations. From the operating room to the engineering team, Galileo’s dashboard is a constant presence, providing real-time insights and driving continuous improvement. Together, Galileo and MEDHOST continue to uphold their shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that hospitals across the country can rely on their software and services with confidence.

The partnership between MEDHOST and Galileo is a shining example of how collaboration and innovation can drive success in the healthcare industry. By leveraging Galileo’s powerful performance monitoring platform, MEDHOST has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also reinforced its dedication to delivering exceptional service to its customers.

Hear from MEDHOST’s Director of IBM i & Storage Engineering

Experience firsthand how MEDHOST revolutionized performance monitoring with Galileo in this insightful testimonial video featuring Sandy Workman. It offers a glimpse into the transformative partnership between our two companies.

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