Cloud Savings: Manufacturer Saves $50K a month with Galileo Cloud Compass

by | Apr 18, 2024

Galileo Performance Explorer / Galileo Cloud Compass
Organization Size
5,000 employees
United States

A prominent American manufacturing company experienced sticker shock after receiving its first monthly cloud bill and sought a cost reduction strategy immediately post-migration. The manufacturer tackled its overspending challenges by adopting Galileo Suite’s Cloud Compass (GCC). GCC provided comprehensive cost analytics across multiple cloud providers and accurately identified cost drivers and waste. As a result, they were able to reduce their cloud footprint and achieve cloud savings in a matter of hours, not weeks.

The Challenge: Accurately Sizing a Cloud Environment

A large American manufacturing company made the decision to move its Windows and Linux workload to the public cloud, but they struggled to predict the monthly costs. Their initial cost assessments were vague at best.

They pulled information together from a bunch of tools and scripts. Next, they combined that data with tribal knowledge of their applications and servers (some info in a guy’s head), made a “best guess” on sizing, and then provisioned the environment.

Once they completed the migration, their bill averaged $150,000 per month!

Talk about sticker shock! This amount was way over their budget, and they needed a way to reduce these expenses as quickly as possible.

The Solution: Achieve Cloud Savings with Galileo

The organization turned to Galileo Cloud Compass to quickly resolve its overspending challenge.

As a best-in-class infrastructure performance monitoring application, Galileo helps enterprises navigate obstacles on the path to the cloud every day, and that’s why GCC exists. By comparing data points before their Azure migration and the current timeframe, GCC delivered immediate cost information for Azure, AWS, and a couple of other providers in a single pane of glass.

Cloud Compass also supplied deep analytics on the organization’s spend per instance so they could see precisely where their costs were coming from.

Most importantly, Galileo Cloud Compass helped them easily spot waste and reduce their spending even further with automatic right-sizing for their cloud environment.

maximize cloud savings with Galileo Cloud Compass

The Results: $50,000 a Month in Cloud Savings

The results achieved after implementing Galileo Cloud Compass were impressive. Not only did they achieve cloud savings, but they also experienced several other benefits that made their cloud environment more efficient and cost-effective. Let’s take a closer look at the specific results they achieved:

    The IT organization cut $50,000 off its monthly cloud bill using right-sizing and cloud provider recommendations from Cloud Compass.
    Cloud Compass helped the manufacturer spot waste in their cloud environment and reduced over-allocated resources, so they only paid for what they needed.
    The organization moved away from tedious accounting work and drastically reduced the time spent calculating future migrations.

Don’t miss out on cloud savings

Galileo removes the guesswork associated with sizing and provisioning your cloud environment, allowing you to gain control over your cloud operations and focus on what you do best—delivering value to your customers. You can get fast insight into thousands of systems and easily spot waste (even for AIX and IBM i environments!).

What kind of savings will it uncover for you?

Let’s set up Galileo POC to help you unlock significant cloud savings and improve your overall cloud management experience.

Ready to take the next step in your FinOps journey? Set up a Galileo Demo.

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